15 Most Expensive Motorcycles In The World

3. Ecosse Spirit
It is the super of super bikes that was conceived with the collaboration of 1 American and two British engineers. Don Atchison, Richard Glover and Andy Le Fleming designed this revolutionary bike. Ecosse Spirit is worlds one of the lightest and fastest bikes that was created after a design of Formula 1 racing car. It can be run in a speed of 230 miles/ hour and its aerodynamic shape with a powerful engine helps it to run in this high speed. The motorcycle has designed in a way where the knees of the rider will be placed nearer to body; that will give him greater control and ergonomics. Do you want to ride this amazing bike? You have to complete just two steps. The ECOSSE authority will take a two-week long class on riding this. Before that, you have to spend $3.6 million USD for purchasing. (m.c)
Ecosse Spirit

2. 1949 E90 AJS Porcupine
It is world’s one of the rarest and legendary motorcycles. It won the inaugural WORLD 500CC CHAMPIONSHIP but later in 1954, the design became backdated and they motorcycles lost all the competitions trying for three times. The E90 AJS Porcupine has its long history of ups and downs. And so, it has become a legendary bike on the auction. Arguably, many say that it is the most beautiful, graceful and innovative motorcycles that ever built. As a result the concerning team expects its sale price as much as $750,000 USD. A question can be asked that why it is so expensive and what are its qualities? The Bonham’s CEO replied that the porcupine is extremely rare and it the most beautiful and graceful racing bike though majority don’t think so. But it is true that this bike has wonderful record of racing success and because of its popularity, it deserves a huge amount to be sold. (m.c)
1949 E90 AJS Porcupine

1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter
Neiman Marcus is a street-legal luxurious motorcycle that you can ever see. Neiman Marcus is hardly synonymous with bikes but the world will be thankful to it for marketing Limited Edition Fighter. The fighters can be speeded up to 190 km/h but among them only 45 pieces were made by the great Limited Edition system. It is a type of motorcycle that can increase the flow of adrenaline throughout the body both the viewers and obviously the riders. The fighter came to the showroom at a starting price of $110,000 and it declared to be ended up on a auction for $11 million USD. Its manufacturer told that “ It’s our street-legal sci-fi dream come to life”. So, it can be described as a sweet dream that will cost $11 million USD to enter into your garage. But it is very risky to take this motorcycle out with a huge price tag. Do you ready to take that? (m.c)
Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter