15 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

6. France
Active personnel:202,761
Reserved personnel: 27,680
Total budget:$62.3 billion USD
France military

The military under President Francois Hollande is small but highly trained. They have also new aircraft carrier and from the age of 17.5 the young French join the military. The army regularly deploy troops in Africa for fighting against extremism. (m.c)

5. India
Active personnel:1,325,450
Reserved personnel:1,155,000
Total budget:$50 billion USD
Indian military

President Pranab Mukherjee is the commander-in-Chief of Indian Armed Forces which headquarter is situated in New Delhi. India have one of the most active manpower on earth beside USA, China and Russia. It can be expected that India will be the 4th highest military spender around 2020. (m.c)

4. Japan
Active personnel:2,47,173
Reserved personnel:56,100
Tanks: 678
Aircraft: 1613
Total submarine: 16
Total budget: $41.6 billion.
Japan military

It is seen that Japanese army is small but well equipped. PM Shinzo Abe took the leadership of the Japan Self-Defense Forces.18 years old is required for joining the Japanese army. 1% of their GDP is spent in this sector. Japan army included 4th largest attacker helicopter fleet. They are in 4th position among the militaries in the world. (m.c)