15 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

3. China
Active personnel: 2,333,000
Reserved personnel: 2,80,000
Tanks: 9150
Total budget: $216 billion
Chinies military

From the few decades China army is seen growing fast both in their size and in ability. They have the second largest tank and submarine fleet in the world. President Ma Ying-Jeou is the present commander-in-chief of the army. China paid their attention to modernize its military. (m.c)

2. Russia
Active Front line personnel: 7,71,000
Reserved personnel: 2,000,000
Budget: $84.5 billion USD
Russian military

Armed Forces of Russian Federation was founded in 7 May, 1992 and President Vladimir Putin is the supreme Commander-in –Chief of the federation.
Branches: Russian Ground Force, Russian Navy, Russian Aerospace Forces, Russian Airborne Troops and Strategic Missile Troops. They have the largest tank fleet, second largest aircraft and third largest submarine fleet. The deployment of their soldiers in Syria was the show-off of their military power. (m.c)

1. United States
Active Personnel: 1,361,755
Reserved personnel: 850,880
Tanks: 8848
Aircraft: 13,892
Submarine: 72
Total Budget: $601 billion USD
US military

Its headquarter is in Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, US. President Barack Obama is the Commander-in-chiefof US armed force. Despite cutting of many expanses US spend more money than the combined credit index of next nine countries. USA have a budget of about $601 billion USD for their defense and so they have the strongest military in the world. (m.c)