15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Made

4. Honda Fuya-Jo
Japanese automobile manufacturers sometimes come out from their traditional productions and try with their new conception. Most of the time their new exploration takes the market perfectly. Fuya-jo has come from such a conception by Honda. They started the production of Fuya-Jo specially for carrying animals to party. This marvelous vehicle is facilitated with lots of speakers, turntable dash and seats for four.

Honda Fuya-Jo

Media Credit: icarimage.com

5. Sbarro Autobau
It is a creation of Franco Sbarro which was first revealed in 2010 Geneva Motor show. It is called the ugliest car we’ve ever seen. The design of the car is a tribute to Fredy Lienhard ; a Swiss racing driver. Its front windshield or door apparatus rises strangely and gives it a peculiar look.

Sbarro Autobau

Media Credit: reddit.com

6. The Banana Car
The banana car was built by Steve Braithwaite. He picked up a 1993 Ford F-150 truck and modified it to yellow car. Their website stated that “ The banana car is a fully street legal motorized banana. So, it is clear that, like many other things ,a fruit can inspire a car designer.

The Banana Car

Media Credit: southcountynews.org