15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Made

7. The Rocket Ship Car
Around Northeastern Ohio, a rocket car can be seen driving which is an excellent example of creativity. It is a brainchild of Ron Heitman, who had a passion about this creation. He gathered parts of old rocket ships and used a 1973 Oldsmobile Tornado drive train and other frames to build it. It is 28 feet long and 15 kids can seat in it at a time. It gives amusement it parties, birthdays, reunions and in some other events.

The Rocket Ship Car

Media Credit: rocketshipcar.com

8. Cadillac Tag Function Car
Cadillac Tag function car was designed by Swiss Franco Sbarro in 1978. Avant-Garde wanted to use techniques to manufacture a big and heavy car. Then he designed this car which contains armchairs, two telephones, television and wood, lined by leather and two offices. Though it is an ugly model; we are watching in the picture but it has many attractive sides too.

Cadillac Tag Function Car

Media Credit: redaceequipped.com

9. The UFO Car
The another modification of Volkswagen Beetle is the UFO car or the Flying Saucer Volkswagen Art Car. Though it is not highly popular but every year in June the committee arrange a road show in Mexico. About 2 thousand UFO join here and present a great amusement.

The UFO Car

Media Credit: autotitre.com