15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Made

10. Youabian Puma
Dr. Kambiz Youabian made this car which is the most ridiculous car in LA car show. But he was upset while some people says his car is ugly. So he is threatening to sue them all. Let the haters go and this $1.1 million puma is not that type of car that will pass you and you won’t look at it twice.It is famous for its absolute peculiarity. It has a self proclaimed tag line; was Created with a goal : to standout and be unique.

Youabian Puma

Media Credit: puma-automobiles.com

11. The Phone Car
Any of us will be amused at this car which was created by Howard Davis. The telephone car was featured in many local, regional and national news, providing much amusement to its viewers. The car is street legal and derivable. So, Davis took it to many parties and parades. In every spot, he was questioned that if there was any telephone actually. As the reason, Davis had to install a telephone into the car. Its license plate also reads “PHONE” and when the horn is honked, it rings like a telephone. It is needless to say, wherever it goes, it brings a great attraction, smile and laughter among the people.

The Phone Car

Media Credit: doobybrain.com

12. The Pig Cars
There are numerous designs of pig cars but probably it is the most discussed style of them. The revamped diesel Mercedes is completely pink and its extension from the list exactly looks like the ear of a pig.
The company Greenpeace uses it for a campaign around Europe against climate and air pollution and to supervise animal rights.

The Pig Cars

Media Credit: smosh.com