15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Made

13. The Funny Car
It is very popular in the showrooms of every part of the world. The designer took the term “funny car” to a different tradition. This bright orange and open mouthed car resembles like a cartoon. The driver seats on the space of tongue, between the jaws and roof of the mouth. The funny cars are characterized by tilt-up bodies and for their fabricated chassis they are popular among the beauty-lovers in the world.

The Funny Car

Media Credit: repokar.com

14. The Fat car
Famous Austrian sculptor ErwinWurm designed this strange car in 1980. While manufacturing, the workers took a Porsche and then they imbued it with polyurethane foam, Styrofoam and fiberglass which was covered with lacquer.
Wurm attempted to take a challenge of “link between power, wealth and body weight “. He first took the car for a show in 2005 at Xavier Hofkens.

The Fat car

Media Credit: xavierhufkens.com

15. The High-Heeled Shoe Car
There are many inventions that is following the shape of a shoe. But all of them will salute this conception of designing a car as High-Heeled shoe. Though we believe that a Ferrari or a BMW is more appealing while taking our women in drive, this ridiculous and peculiar shaped car won’t produce less amusement. Perhaps it suits more a female or man taking his woman in drive. Actually this High-Heeled car is more likely to be a three-wheeled motorcycle as its backside is holding a “heel” and looking to be built out of the rear of a Harley.

The High-Heeled Shoe Car

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