Top 10 Highest Earning Political Leaders In The World

1.Lee Hsien Loong
In 2004 ,Lee was taken over as Singapore’s third prime minister. The salary of Singapore’s Prime minister is always very high. From 2008 to 2012 Lee earned an annual salary of US$28,56,930. On January, 2012, in response to public unhappiness due to his huge salary, he reduced his salary to US$1.7 million 28% less than the previous. He remains the highest paid prime minister in the world. At present, then Son of Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Juan Yes, takes a salary about $1.56 million per year which is the combined amount of the annual salary of France, Germany, Italy, Japan and UK leaders. The fact is there is severe unhappiness among the public of Singapore for this high salary of the leaders. (m.c)
Lee Hsien Loong

Here are the 10 leaders who are the Golden child of their country and leading their country to improvement. So, the country also facilitates them with various privileges. They are honorable as they are contributing in development, improvement and progression of a country.