Top 15 Fastest Trains In The World

4. Harmony CRH 380A
This bullet was manufactured by Rolling Stock and CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive. China Railways Harmony or CRH 380A is servicing between Shanghai to Nanjing from October, 2010. It normally runs in a speed of 380 km/h but in the initial test, CRH 380A showed its potentiality of running in a super speed of 416.8 km/h. Its aluminum bodies are lowered its weight and the design of its nose reduces the aerodynamic pressure. It runs on its tract without any vibration providing the passengers a comfortable journey. (m.c)
Harmony CRH 380A

5. AGV Italo, Italy
It has started carrying passengers from 2007 and is the fastest ground transporter of Europe. French company Alstom manufactured the train and in 2008, Italy ordered 25 AGVs for $650 million. They operate it at a speed of 360 km/h but in its initial test, AVG showed that it can run in a speed of 574 km/h. From 2007, AVG is transporting passengers from Rome to Naples. The compartments are facilitated with adjustable seats, free Wi-Fi and television. (m.c)
AGV Italo, Italy

6. KTX-2
The train was designed by MBD, a French designing studio. Aluminum was used for the construction of the train. This South Korean train carries passengers from Daejon to Gwangju. It was made by the Korean engineers and for the Koreans. The Koreans are enjoying the fastest bullet train of their country. The Hyundai Rotem’s engineer Lee Joung-Yul told that they use about 87% of their local technologies for building it. And they are successful because the citizens are provided an immense help from this train. For its 353 km/h speed, it it is now world’s 6th fastest train. (m.c)