Top 15 Fastest Trains In The World

7. AGV
French manufacturer company Alstom designed and manufactured this bullet which body was made of a composition of carbon and carbon particles. This light train runs in a maximum speed of 360 km/h. But it has ability to run in a speed of 400kmph. AGV has some beautiful advantages such as lower noise, increased seating area, reduced maintenance cost and a few other improvements. Les Echos reported that Alstom has taken some schemes to improve this version of train. They called it AGV-2 and it was predicted that the AGV-2 will start servicing by 2015/2016. Then it also will reduce the travelling time and saves time of consumers. (m.c)

8. Siemens Velaro E
This bullet train is the production of Siemens which runs from Barcelona to Madrid. Spanish National railway ordered this models for their citizens. They took them in July, 2005 and the trains started carrying in June ,2007. Usually it runs in a speed of 350 km/h but it showed its capability to run in a speed of 400 km/h during its first trip in Spain. Some famous operators such as Deutsche Bahn, China and Russia Railways, RENFE, Eurostar and Turkish State railways are operating this service. (m.c)
Siemens Velaro E

9. Talgo T350
It was manufactured by Spanish company Patentes Talgo. Talgo 350 was manufactured with the help of Patentes Talgo and Bombardier Transporter together. This super speed version can run in a maximum speed of 350 km/h. If ETCS and level 2 system can be installed, the train will be able to run faster.There are about 46 Talgos those are carrying passengers from Madrid to Lleida. Spanish citizen is using its speed from 2007 and Talgo provides immense co-operation and shows their responsibility on the development public lifestyle. (m.c)
Talgo T350