Top 15 Fastest Trains In The World

10. Eurostar
It is an amazing train that stops to take passengers from London St Pancreas , Paris Gare DU Nord and Brussels . French railways SNCF 55% of the total business. UK owns 40% and Brussels owns only 5% of the total.The international high speed operator is controlling it from 2010- present. Eurostar International Limited is its parent company and its official website . This super speed train connects London with Paris and Brussels in a speed of 320 km/h. (m.c)

11. Hayabusa
It is another bullet of Japan which starts from Tokyo to Shin-Aomori. The hayabusa is a Shinkansen service which is operated by Japan Railway Company. It started working from March, 2011. Hayabusa has 3 classes; standard, green and gran classes which is highly modernized. From the initiation, only three trains were serving people but from 2013, ten are carrying passengers to their destination. It is facilitated with all facilities that can have a train. It also carries passengers at 320 km/h and crosses the tract very smoothly. (m.c)
Hayabusa train

12. TGV
“Train à Grande Vitesse” in French is its elaboration and SNCF Voyages operates this rail service. Its operating speed is 320 km/h but it crossed 574.8 km in a hour in its test trip. The TGV service is planning for the extension of its network from Paris to allcities of France and also France to surrounding countries. The concerning committee put a huge budget for the extension of their network. Actually they are continuously extending their service from the inauguration in 1980. So, TGV is another that increases the velocity of life. (m.c)
tgv train