Top 15 Fastest Trains In The World

13. HSL-1
Owning by SNCB it is a passenger carrier of Belgium. HSL-1 carries passengers through LGV Node at Belgium-France border. Its operating speed is 300 km/h. This high speed train service was opened in 1997. HSL-1 connectsParis with Brussels only in 1:22h and also impacted directly on the international travelling from France to London and other surrounding countries. It took a huge budgets of $1.42 billion USD for the construction of this great project. This bullets are shortening the journey time and reducing physical stresses also. (m.c)

14. ETR 500
Elettro Treno Rapido or ETR is one of the fastest train services of Italy and is operated by Trenitalia Company is the manufacturer of ETR500 and they built 30 trains in a format of 11-car trainset. It runs between Milan-Rome-Naples. Chiusi-Milan, Florence- Naples, Milan- Venice, Venice-Rome are its main routes. Now a days , there are 28 nonstop trains which take 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach Rome from Milan. Along with other transportsystems it is helping in the development of their economy. For having an operational speed of 300 km/h, ETR 500 is the 14th fastest carrier that is running on the surface of our planet. (m.c)
ETR 500

15. THSR
Taiwan High Speed Rail or THSR is a high speed rail service of Taiwan. Taiwan high speed rail corporation operates it and set a depot of THSR inWuri, Zuoying. Taiwan high speed rail corporation used $18 billion to complete this railway project. At that time, it was the highest private funded railway project.After costing this huge amount, they were able to open this service on 5 January, 2007. It connects Taipei with Zuoying. is its official website. THSR run smoothly on 1435 mm standard gauge tract. Because of its faster passenger carrying service in 300 km/h speed, it has enlisted 15th among the fastest trains on earth. (m.c)
thsr train